On The Grand Reunification Of Subjectivity And Objectivity

The implications for making communism (rule of all by all) here today represents the culmination of all the recorded big moments, from Buddha, to Plato, to Feudalism, to Smith, to Hegel, to Capitalism, to Marx, to Stalin, to Mao, to Hitler, everything.

What we’re doing is kinda analogous to Avengers Infinity Wars in that way…lol

The unification of the subject object divide through a mass generalization of all knowledge, specialty, and control over all material processes is what all of that was all about.

Consciousness is a force in the universe.

We are each subjective instantiations of that consciousness.

It’s not a god though.

It’s merely a cosmic force analogous to any other.

That force isn’t some paternal figure espousing “morality” tho.

As we observe in our study of the objects of our experience, the universe and nature tends toward ever increasing degrees of complexity.
This subjectively experienced conscious force is no different.
Through us the universe can know itself as itself to ever increasing degrees of complexity.
We’ve just until now lacked the material, rhetorical, conceptual, and programmatic preconditions to unite all this but through the processes of difference and repetition in a techno-capitalist world, its all come together.

Now we just have to wake everybody up out of society’s control, all forms of thought, process, and materiality we need are already available to us.

Don’t get caught up in the dreams of others, especially those in positions to control you.

It’s a nice idea but the concept of “morality” today is too tied to process under societies of control to be useful to us at the moment.

Morality functions today as a structure of thought control.

We must abstract ourselves away from those loaded concepts so we might envisage the potentiality for together creating a genuine morality.

Morality was only ever going to become actual rather then virtual as a conscious and collective act of global becoming, otherwise it’s just a form of domination.

Morality today is a structure of thought that has itself become a prison.

Free yourselves.

Free your minds.

Develop your own selves according to a hypothetical imperative you create, and let that interact with the imperatives of others.

We got this.