On Criticism And Struggle

The popularized idea that we shouldn’t struggle with and challenge people, representatives, candidates, friends, family, or persons with significant roles in certain struggles or organizations, that we mostly agree with, is a failure prone approach to positive progress for us all.

Change and progress begins in and grows through those struggles.

I possess an introverted personality, and barring the desperate need for us all to collectively create transformation on every front of human activity, I’d much rather be at home reading, writing, and spending time with my son.

However, the necessary change that needs to be made, is created in part precisely by people at my unique position within intersubjectivity in and through these conversations with people who don’t agree with me on everything initially, and through those issues of disagreement we have.

The contemporary search for “common ground” is a phantasm today.

The creation of that “common ground” in multiple aspects of life today, systematically functions to collectively and artificially annihilate/suppress our differences, rather then celebrating or exploring them.

I believe in and consistently apply, principled struggle, it’s the only thing that ever creates change, ever.

Uncritical support, even of me, is foolish and naive tho.

If you disagree with me or anyone, no matter how ideologically similar or dissimilar, have the difficult conversations.

A principled, worthwhile, and consistent politic, is strengthened by the dynamics of dialectical, intersubjective, and material conflict.

It is only the wishy washy, fly by night, historically regressive politics, that ruthless critique harms.

Heretofore failures to recognize this, is exactly why the dominant political mindset today is one of uncritical support, exactly because people are putting “pragmatics”, “career”, “party”, etc. before our collective well-being.

What’s really scary though, this is how most people, even a fair amount of genuine “leftists” are stuck thinking.

I know you’re probably considering many things that seem like fine reasons to leave this all for somebody else to do, or to let things slide.

Problem is, its you or it’s nobody.

Its struggle or its failure.

If you want change, you have to be its agent.

Without far more people prepared to put themselves on the line, to risk wealth, health, and social position to create it, positive historical progress can not happen.

Conflict is key and aversion to it is a worthless approach to the change we collectively need.