“Unapologetic, working class centered, democratic institutions must be developed and can only be fully realized by mass organizations of workers, marginalized voices and poor folks united in class struggle, operating outside the impenetrable barriers of the political establishment.”

                                                                          – Ryan Sullivan

Through cooperative efforts, industry is democratized and communities thrive.

Cooperative enterprises, community farms, and community-based production facilitate collective decision making about products/commodities, services, hours and wages, and workers’ rights.

Equitable involvement in decision making reduces worker and community member alienation resulting in an increase in morale, an increase in productive capacity, a decrease in turnover, and a decrease in flight from communities.  When people work together and make collective decisions, everyone feels valued and they have a stake in the community.

We support legislation which transforms ownership to employees.  Such legislation would . . .

  1. Require that workers are offered the right of first refusal to cooperatively buy the business/factory/shop/etc. if a company plans to outsource labor, close the business/shop, or sell the business/shop.
  2. Allow pools of unemployed workers who are eligible to receive unemployment benefits to have the option to receive those benefits in a lump sum for investment capital in a democratically owned enterprise.

By embracing coexistence and cooperation, people will free themselves from the constraints of natural survival.  We will thrive because we will no longer be just surviving.  We will be making our own decisions about what is produced and how, and investing our time into producing only what is needed for the community which we value.  Producing only what is needed and sharing the responsibility of that production will provide us with the time to actually live, not just survive.  And we will value what we produce because we will be making the decisions about what we produce, and how we distribute what we produce.