A strong community is diverse and embraces its diversity.  Communities thrive when there is an equitable access to resources.

With diversity, communities are strengthened because of the vast knowledge and experiences of the community members.  Such knowledge and experiences lead to growth and new ideas, and increases what is possible.

To ensure diversity and strong communities, immigrant communities must be protected from attacks on their security, safety, dignity, and livelihoods.  To protect immigrant communities, state sanctuary status must be established, and all immigrants currently residing in Maryland must be granted full amnesty and citizenship.  Additionally, there must be statewide non-cooperation with ICE.

To ensure an equitable access to resources and for communities to thrive, barriers to all resources, especially those to basic needs – housing, food, water, education, and health care –, must be dismantled.

Currently, people are without housing for a variety of reasons, including income inequity, inability to secure a stable job, housing discrimination, and predatory housing practices.  People are unable to maintain jobs because of unreliable and nonexistent public transportation.  The education system does not support the students.  Students are learning to take tests rather than learning to critically think.  Students should be studying culture, philosophy, and civics; and using knowledge to make their communities a better place.  People cannot afford to go to doctors with or without insurance because health insurance is valued more than healthcare.


We demand . . .

Homes for All

End to predatory housing practices

Free public transportation in urban, suburban, and rural communities so people can travel in a timely manner around the state

End to the infrastructure that prioritizes cars

Infrastructure for bikes and pedestrians, which often increases interaction among community members thus strengthening communities

Decentralized education that serves students and communities rather than tests, bureaucrats, and capitalists

Communities decide on the education curriculum

Children have equitable access to educational resources

Healthcare for All

State Sanctuary for immigrant communities


The quality of one community is enriched through embracing diversity and creating equity in all communities.  Let’s create the change we want to see in the world by fighting for diversity and equity in all communities.  #ABetterWorldIsPossible   #ItsInOurHands