Cannabis legalization, reparations and state sponsored terror

The drug war has failed and we all were its victims, whether we ever subjectively partook in any recreational use of drugs or not. Wheresoever states instigate terror campaigns against a people, it’s never just those targeted who’re affected. An assault on the humanity of one, is ultimately an assault on the humanity of all. Further, for so long as people are systemically denied rights, our “rights” collectively become no more than mere privileges, which collectively can only ever be recognized as genuine rights or guarantees, when privileges are extended to one and all. This is sadly nowhere near the case in Maryland drug policy today. Right now, in 2018, it is considered the “reasonable” position on both sides of the aisle, to assume that the dehumanization’s our police and markets are normalizing throughout our state, over and against persons who use, is somehow beyond question.

The only points of disagreements among the politicos from either major party on the state sponsored terror related to the minutia and scope of harm those class enemies are willing to inflict on us all in order to achieve their opportunist or misguided ends. The reality that people can, right this moment, be murdered, kidnapped, and/or made to suffer all manner of physical, emotional, psychological and financial harm for growing, consuming, selling or otherwise possessing mood altering substances, is a testament to just how regressive and unjust MD drug. They’d have us believe that these laws are for our own good. False. Drug prohibition is itself the direct cause of most harms we presently associate with drug use, not the other way around. Appropriately reparative justice regarding the harms accrued via the US Drug War, demands that the victims of that terror be the only ones able to capitalize any legalized recreational drug markets, to whatever extent that market capitalization is necessary to repair the scores of harms related to state sponsored terror of persons who use drugs. Anything less is not justice in the least. Reparative justice here as well demands that all drug related offenses be expunged from criminal records and victims of our state’s drug war be released from any form of probation or imprisonment immediately.

A far higher percentage of people in this country use illegal substances than was the case before this immoral program of assaulting working class peoples was first begun. In continuing with this backwards political agenda, the clear majority of our representatives are entirely derelict in their responsibility to reduce harm rather than perpetuate it and are so too culpable in creating that harm.

Furthermore, we are strongly opposed to the exploitative nature of our states new Medical Cannabis industry which debuted it medicine pricing at $680 an ounce? These prices are astronomical and well beyond the prescription budget of most ideal recipients throughout our state. Medicine should be affordable for all who need it, not outrageously overpriced to squeeze every dime out of people struggling.

We Demand…

Amnesty – release everyone currently imprisoned.

Pardon – Clear the records of anyone ever arrested for drug possession or drug related non-violent crime.

Reparations – Repair harms caused by the classicist and racist war on drugs by prioritizing ownership of newly legalized cannabis industries to the victims of state terror instigated by that war. We’d also firmly advocate that the business models of those new Cannabis industries be worker owned cooperatives as that structure would allow for the widest distribution of economic reparative justice that would be developing alongside these new