“It is the people united who hold all the real potential to create change.”   

                                                                        – Ryan Sullivan

Our campaign is eager to work with communities . . .

    • to create cooperative enterprises where workers control industry
    • to fight for living wages for all
    • to ensure every person lives in safe and affordable housing
    • to fight for health care for all
    • to ensure all community members are protected regardless of immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and/or religion
    • to guarantee all of our children have equitable access to educational resources
    • to facilitate regenerative and renewable infrastructure that prioritizes permaculture
    • to end corporate destruction of our environment
    • to create a healthy environment for everyone
    • to expand mass transportation so everyone has access to work opportunities, health care, schools, and food
    • to decriminalize all drugs and retroactively expunge drug related offenses from criminal records
    • to provide free access to treatment and rehabilitative services for all drug addicts
    • to demilitarize police and end racist occupational policing
    • to create community control of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies
    • to terminate cooperative relationships with federal law enforcement agencies
    • to fight for state sanctuary for immigrant communities

We value cooperation, community, peace, and sustainability.  And we are eager to work with communities in district 7 and beyond to foster these values.